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HEAT ASSAULT is revolutionary Green equipment for the extermination & eradication of bedbugs and other insects, using heat treatment equipment  vs. toxic chemicals, propane and electricity. The HEAT ASSAULT gets rid of bedbugs in one visit, killing these insects and their eggs at all stages of their life cycle. The HEAT ASSAULT is SAFE & SIMPLE to operate. No special licensing or training is required to operate the heat treatment machines. The perfect BedBug Solution from a small home to a large high rise apartment.

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The question of "How to get rid of bedbugs?" has quickly become the top priority in the insect eradication business in North America. Traditionally, chemicals were the most common way to kill bedbugs, however the market has created demand for cleaner and greener bedbug solutions. This need led to the development of HEAT ASSAULT, one of the industries greenest and most efficient heat treatment machines for bedbug eradication. HEAT ASSAULT heat treatment equipment reaches the kill temperature faster than any other method and kills bedbugs with a higher success rate. HEAT ASSAULT also kills other insects and molds. Call us to purchase HEAT ASSAULT to win the war on bedbugs!